Monday, October 29, 2012

Get off the couch to turn down the heat.

A recent Scientific American article (sorry, I can't provide the link without a subscription, and I don't want to plagiarize it - you'll have to trust me!), suggested that an effective way to make it easier for people to turn down their thermostats in the winter would be to use remote controls to do this. The main idea is that people would be able to use their smartphones, or other devices, to turn down their thermostat during the day, and turn it back on just before they're coming home, thus saving energy.

While I appreciate the importance of saving energy, and would advocate for trying to be energy conscious wherever possible, it is likewise important to consider the consequences of implementing such suggestions. I fear that people would not only use this while away from the home, but also at home.

In our eat more, move less, sleep less world, the last thing we need is yet another excuse not to get off of the couch.


Mike Borg

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