Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time to study! Wait, what?

I can't believe that undergrad is over! Throughout the past five years I have been defining myself as a student. I have been associated with everything "student" -well some things...mostly the things that involve me saving money. For the first time in a quite a while, my answer to the question "what is it that you do?" cannot be answered by the phrase "well, I'm a student at UO." Crazy? I think so.

So what did I learn? A lot, it seems- some academic and some non-academic. The latter, as I have learned, is much more important and useful. Consider the following: my recent healthcare program development, midterm. My first answer to the majority of the questions was indeed correct- the answers that anyone off of the street would likely have the common sense to blurt out in response to such ridiculous questions. However, I changed my answers to the more fitting academic responses. They too, were right, but perhaps less-so, some may argue (for the record, I recieved an A+...I'm not just some disgruntled student who didn't like the professor, but I do challenge the external validity[aka real-world transferability] of the material).This was the point at which I realized that my real-world experience (through working, volunteering, a community project, and getting the heck out of the Ivory tower at any chance I could) is actually much more useful than my academic experience.

In short- life is not a multiple choice question. There are no right answers in life- there are better and worse answers, but 'right' is not for us to decide (enter your religious deity of choice here, ie/ God). Society may say that there are right answers...but historically these answers have changed over time- human sacrifice, witch burning, gladiator one time these were society's 'correct' answers to social injustice or socio-economic hardship.

Having said this, I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn such wonderful things. Some of these things are more applicable in my life than others, but I am grateful for them all.

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  1. The right answers are those that make sincerely happy... :)