Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry Tories, that's just not good enough

It doesn't seem like the Tory plan to 'reform' health care at a provincial level is very different from the current plan imposed by the Liberals.

The system is broken- has been for some time. Soaring drug costs, ER wait times, coupled with the fact that some people have no access at all to the 'gatekeepers' of the system...but you don't need me to tell you this- recall the last time you waited in an ER, tried to see your GP or were prescribed medication without insurance (despite McGuinty's best efforts last year).

I'm not saying the Tories should be let loose on the issue and have their way with the means to which Canadians obtain health care. This is one of the few issues that I don't mind the Liberals tackling- but some conservative influence would be nice- save for insurance companies, I'll go swinging to avoid insurance in any way, shape, or form. We need to re-open the issue to examine and evaluate the very fundamentals that the system is based on.

It's simple- a 3% increase in funding (both liberals and Tories support this figure) means nothing when health care expenditures are increasing at roughly double this each year. Yes, Harper has promised federal transfers of 6% to the provinces for health care, and considering it's a provincial issue, it seems they've done their due diligence- they've covered the cost of increasing expenses and said "well, the rest is up to you guys." We're still waiting for Ontario to realize that the rest really is up to them...3% will barely cover the cost of subsidized long-term care facilities required for the entire aging population. Oh, and then we have drug costs, ER wait times...hold on, I think I've mentioned these before...

I ask: would you consider investing in a company whose sales were increasing at 3% but whose expenditures were increasing at 6%/year with no end in sight and with a fixed market with which to sell? How about one where the 'sales' are predetermined by external influences, both political and economical? Or how about one where the owners of the company can change as frequently as a few years, with different ideals on how to run the business...I think you'd start looking at something a bit more sustainable.

Sorry Tories, but your 'play it safe' mentality on health care is not making me want to vote for you. Not when health care is the #1 issue provincially...not when the provinces spend upwards of $50 billion on health care...not when a significant number of Ontarians cannot access health care services. And cutting the LHINs...that's your big plan? Might as well buy every resident of Ontario some herbal tea and call it therapeutic...

I get it- health care is a suicide issue: even touching health care with a 10-foot pole can lose a party votes. Does the problem lie with the voters? I urge you Ontarians- fear not of health care reform! It will come whether you like it or not, but you do have a say in when it happens.

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