Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's with all the animosity?

I can't help but notice all of the blatant attacks on Conservatives on facebook lately. I'm surprised at the number of young people who are not just expressing their personal opinions on politics, political parties, or voting in general- they're actually organizing and promoting "stop harper" campaigns.

One photo even depicted an image of Stephen Harper at a rally alongside a black and white image of Adolf Hitler, as if to draw some sort of reasonable comparison between the two. I'll ignore the NDP logo in the top corner of the image for a moment, only to say that regardless of your political views, a collage of this sort is just disgusting.

At my high school is Sault Ste. Marie we were always taught to cheer for our own team- and cheer we did. We were taught not to insult or dis the opposing team, but rather to support our own team through our cheering. This is something that I've taken with me in life since those days at SBSS, which is why I have such disregard for "party-bashing" or "leader-bashing" during elections. I thought I had seen enough of it from Michael Ignatieff, but I was equally disappointed by a fellow SBSS alum's depiction of our PM as Adolf Hitler.

Point: Express your political beliefs. In fact, you're quite free to do so in this country. But sinking to the level of the current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in all his "leader-bashing" glory...please, grow up. (I hope someone catches my hypocrisy!)


  1. I've always thought of things like this as being acts out of insecurity. Attacking others makes them feel better or more confident? Like bullying.

  2. leftist movements tend to be the ones who are most adept at using the internets to their advantage. all of the faux-revolutionaries and bourgeois-anarchists that you saw at the G20 have been using the internet to organize long before political parties have - probably because internet cafes are cheap and they spend all of their (few) dollars on hemp clothes and bus fare from protest to protest.

    i find it ironic that they use the internet even though they claim that "the new world order" are monitering the internet (although its true that the NSA moniters credit card bills and almost a billion phonecalls per day), that they insist on doing it.

    it boils down to the fact that they are insignificant in numbers and spread out. at the time theyre organizing a drum circle, theyll troll on fb pages thinking it makes a difference.

    Michelle -
    i sometimes think that it can also be out of some deep rooted freudian desire to have what the average tory supporter does - money, property, a life

  3. Interesting that you should mention the new world order crowd...I'll post an old facebook note of mine discussing the significance/credibility of the theory of autism development and vaccination.

    I'm glad you caught the underlying theme, Matt; where do all of these people go/what do they do when there isn't some pseudo-issue to yell and scream about. My theory is that they hide by the O-train rails under Dow's Lake...maybe the subway lines in Toronto?

  4. uh mike havent you heard of the mole people (asides from TMNT):

    this one has pictures

    but what do they do? asides from running around and screaming, they dont graduate from university/college, dont get a job, you know where im going with this