Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well that does it

That's certainly enough for me. I've studied biochemistry for 12 hours today...gosh darnit I'm watching a period of the Canucks game. I can't believe the hawks are up 5-1...who knew?

Lately I've been trying to live a little more- I used to study, study, study and stress myself out during exams. I've been letting loose a bit at the end of the night now, and I think my studying has been better. So far, I've done better on finals too.

It took me until 1 month before graduation to realize that I deserve (and need to have) a life outside of school- I'm satisfied with my accomplishments thus far, but I'm enjoying learning to live.


  1. Yay!!! That's what I do. I either change the location where I am studying or change the context that I am studying every few hours. This way my brain can get a little bit of a rest. Or if I'm at home studying, I will go to the library (Its a nice brake because I have to walk to the bus stop (fresh air), get on the bus and creap people (let my mind go), then finally get to the library and get right into again)... it works for me. or an episode of CSI always works too :P

  2. Whatever works for you, I think it is important to split up your study-time.

    Remember this woostie- final exams are a marathon, not a sprint. You've got to take your time with them!