Friday, April 8, 2011

Timmy's is the winner!

Timmy's is the winner of the "who has the best coffee" poll. It earned a whopping two votes, while Starbucks and 'other' earned a measly one. Ha!

This PROVES (please don't let my epidemiology prof read this) that Timmy's is the best. Not only because I am incredibly biased towards the 18% creamy goodness that is a double-double...but also because there's a WOOSTIE who used to work there.

Thanks for voting!


  1. My vote is still Country Style coffee! I have to make a special trip to get one...but so worth it when they have a fresh batch of cinnamon sugar jumbo donuts available too!

  2. Well I guess we know who the "Other" is!

    Thanks for posting ma!

  3. Cinnamon sugar jumbo donuts? Can we add this to the itinerary for the next Soo trip...

  4. Good idea Michelle! Mike's got connections...the Fronzi family bought this restaurant Mike..let Matt know we're coming for a fresh batch!

  5. HEY!! I just noticed I was in this.. lol I am between timmies and starbucks. I think cause I am so sick of drinking timmies due to working there for 2 1/2 yrs. O God, lol... Plus I like my vanilla lattes from starbucks :P