Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Rideau Canal, another year of injuries...

As many of you may know, the canal has been closed for the season.  This year was probably warmer than the last two, but we did have a couple of -30 days. The ice was fantastic this year, which I think was because of the new zamboni (or ice-resurfacing machine).

Part of our job as patrollers is to record the data from the stair-counters that come onto the canal. In this way, the NCC can determine how many people use the canal. This was particularly difficult this year as many of the counters were missing or broken for the better part of the season. This, combined with multiple counter readings per day and a strict schedule to complete them, made this the toughest part of the job this year.

As for the injured skaters, we were lucky enough to not be involed with any life-threatening events throughout the year. The most popular injury of the year, at least I would say, is the dislocated shoulder. In past years, broken wrists have outnumbered every other injury by a factor of 10:1...and at least 2:1 for all other injuries combined. This year, I think dislocated shoulders may give the wrists a run for their money.

I had the opportunity to meet some new people this year on the canal, and I enjoyed it very much. Our new coordinator was truly a blessing, given our experiences with others in the past (well...one particular other anyways). I only hope that it will be open next year, and that I may have time to get involved again.

So long for now Rideau Canal, until we meet again,



  1. Don't you mean "Borg Out"...lol!

    Mike, Mrs. Parr had the pleasure of experiencing the Canal during Erica's reading week. She said it was beautiful to see so many families out enjoying time together and more importantly, exercising! She's glad Erica chose such a great place to live and go to school.

  2. I'll miss most the scheduled 6 hours skating with you every Friday - it was nice to have a permanent spot in your calendar!