Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Battle with Coffee (finally, a not-so-serious blog post)

Here's the deal: coffee makes the world-go-round. Coffee helps people get out of bed and power through the work day, it picks them up after lunch, gives them that boost of energy for the drive home and may even delay bedtime an hour or two so that they can watch the news. Let's face it- coffee plays a significant role in the productivity level of those in the workplace in the western world. Where would we be without it? Here's a summary of my ongoing (ahem...2 weeks in the making) anti-coffee craze.

It has been close to two weeks now since I have vowed to decrease my coffee intake. It has left me less awake, but more alert. I find that I can focus much better on everyday tasks, and I think my memory has improved (caffiene can inhibit learning and memory through modulation of noradrenaline...but that one is for another post- point: drinking coffee while studying = poorer grades?).

Am I supposed to feel like I have left behind the hoards of people lining up at starbucks, Tim's or second cup? Like I've handed off the jitters to those who truly appreciate their $7.90 mocha-choca-frappa....whatver- latte? If so...I'm not feeling it. I'm missing coffee ever-so-much. On the bright side, I'm sleeping like a grizzly in January so at least this craze is good for something.


  1. I don't think I could every give up my coffee or my vanilla bean latte or my caramel mochiatto... I know it's not good for me, but I have cut down to only one in the morning, especially ever since mono.. Also cut back on the red bulls :P But I do agree one will sleep better without one :) I didn't have one yesterday and last night I went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake up until 6am, best sleep in a really long time! and very well needed. Should I cut down on coffee more in order to get a better nights rest? or stick with it and get more done during the day?

  2. Hey Sass,

    There is nothing wrong with coffee in the morning, but if you find that you feel like you need it during the day or at night, it may be time to try to cut back.

    Caffiene can stay in your system for a quite a while (not to mention its' effects on noradrenaline in the brain) so cutting out coffee may help you sleep better.

    Other things that can help you catch some Z's include incorperating a bedtime routine and not studying or reading on or in your bed- it is said that if you only use your bed to sleep your body will know exactly what to do when you hit the pillow- sleep!

    You will find that after not having coffee for a while you will be as alert as you were before, but without the jitters. It will suck at first, but I'm really glad I'm not drinking it anymore.

    As with most things in life- let your body do its' thing! The less drugs/medication/herbal remedies, etc. the better...