Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a quick thought...

What are houses made out of? Wood, right?

What is wood? It is a processed tree.

While driving back to Ottawa two days ago it kind of scared me think that we make our houses of dead trees. DEAD trees that were once living!

Humanity has a false way of looking at our ability to survive- that we are self-sufficient, sustainable, and independent. We do not possess any of these qualities moreso than any other organism- in fact, there are likely organisms that are more independent than us! We eat other organisms, without them- no food; we use other organisms to build our houses- without them, no shelter; and we use the fossilized remains of ancient organisms for fuel- without them...you get the picture.

Point: as a species we are dependent on our environment and its' inhabitants. This isn't an argument for environmental change- rather an argument for the re-thinking of our place in the world. Until humanity can fully comprehend the concept of inter-dependence with our environment, there is no hope for a sustainable future.

Remember- if the entirety of earth's history (4.5 billion years) is condensed into one day, humans would arrive on-scene at 11:59:56pm... seconds before midnight.


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