Wednesday, March 23, 2011

As requested by popular demand...

I asked for topics to blog about, so here goes:

What's in my linen closet?

Well...linens, firstly. Tools, and grocery bags (for lunches) make up the bottom part. Linens, spare light bulbs, kleenex boxes and and laundry dusting roller are on the second shelf. The third shelf is nothing but blankets, towels, dish cloths, and bags. Finally, on the top shelf there are travel bags and spare pillows for the pull-out couch.

Nothing even close to 'memory lane,' as one of our readers suggested of her linen closet (see 600 Views blog post).

But I'm pretty sure my girlfriend will be impressed that I know exactly where everything goes...especially since I'm on the 6th floor of Morisset Library studying biochemistry!


  1. Your girlfriend is impressed. She hopes you know that you no longer have the "I didn't know that's where it went" excuse for not putting things back.

  2. I so wish there was a "like" button here!! lol