Sunday, March 20, 2011

600 viewers!

The view-count for my blog is up to 600!  Thanks everyone for reading my posts and for commenting.

If there is something that you would like to write about, please comment on this post!

Thanks everyone,


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  1. Congrats Mike on 600 viewers! We really enjoy keeping in touch with you through your blog!

    I have a topic: The linen closet

    It's been about ten to fifteen years since I last fully cleaned out our linen was just never a priority! I couldn't believe the things I found in there! It seems that it was the place to store all those things we didn't have a place for.

    It was a trip down memory lane! I found...old suntan and baby lotions, hot rollers(I won and never used), candles, 3 receiving blankets and 2 bibs, oral water pic family system(had to have when the kids had braces), Halloween makeup and devil horns, clown and ninja costumes(with wig and nunchux), sponge rollers for dance hairpiece, a baby quilt made with love by grandma Gibbs, a Sunday School paper carefully coloured by Sass, my autographed picture of Michael Damian(singer/actor), a basket of buttons, rolls of wrapping paper and tons of gift bags, and the list goes on...

    Just wondering...what's in your linen closet?

    For me...I'm on to the kitchen junk drawer!