Thursday, February 10, 2011

The World's Newest Country

In about 6 months the words 'South Sudan" will be the newest and 196th (roughly...depending on the definition) country in the world. Their referendum has 98.9% support for the split...quite impressive- I think we got to about 49/51 here in Canada? Ah but the Nation within a Nation is still attached to Canada  :)

This is excellent! My understanding is that "south" Sudan has been tied up in a pseudo-civil war involving militatants on one side and, arguably, militants on the other- or something like that (are my ignorances too much?).

But MORE interesting perhaps, is that South Sudan will now have an opportunity to tap into some of their oil reserves...which inevitably will be sold in the West.

And finally, my question:
What do you expect will happen to gasoline prices here in Canada? Rise? Fall? About the same? And why?


  1. I hope the gasoline prices fall, for when I have the money to buy my own car, I can provide gas for it as well :)

  2. Wouldn't that be nice, eh?

    I'm sure the gasoline companies will come up with some excuse to raise the price of gas. Maybe they're blame copper, or the dollar...who knows!

  3. Mike, I hate to disappoint you but China's had their hands in the cookie jar that is the sudan for quite a while now - we wont be seeing any of their oil. I'm not convinced that they will shower the local regimes with money like the west has with the Saudis and the Kuwaitis - until the communist party stops running over protesters with tanks they dont really have anyone to answer to.

    As for the civil war, it is government backed janjaweed militants (if you thought the SS were unpleasant you should meet these guys - ironically, given the current situation in Libya, they were formed and funded by Col. Gaddhafi) that were placed in charge of the counter insurgency.

    Even the creation of a new country (or George Clooney - remember our debate on that) wont solve the situation in Darfur.