Friday, February 4, 2011

Winterlude is underway! (Oh, and in French too!)

This is the first weekend of Winterlude. This is what we train for.

Jokes aside, this is really a great time to be in Ottawa. But it's not quite like Bon Soo for me...

Bon Soo is more of a community event. It's sponsored by local organizations, and not-for-profit groups alike. You know that when you buy a ticket or a pin for Bon Soo, it's going towards a good cause in one way or another. In Ottawa, it's all about the $$$. How many beavertails could beavertail stand sell if a beavertail stand could sell beavertails...that's Ottawa's version of the famous 'woodchuck' tongue-twister.

By the way, the Bon Soo pin is probably the best idea ever. It would be a nightmare to try to do that in Ottawa- the pin would have to be HUGE because the text would be twice as large in French than in English, and the French text would have to be on top!

In the words of a wise man I know, when told about the efforts that are pumped into ensuring bilungualism in Ottawa (which generally means rewriting everything in French), he replied "don't the people of Ottawa have anything better to do?"

 My response: Have you been to Ottawa?

Perhaps that's a bit edgy. Ottawa is too politically correct to say these kinds of things. Thank goodness for the rest of Canadians...



  1. Mike - BON Soo!

    English resolution or not, they are taking over the world.