Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's the superbowl?

As I arrived to skate patrol today I was informed that the superbowl is apparently on tv tonight. The packers apparently? I can just imagine how much Uncle Chris must be losing his mind.

Too bad I'm studying...yet again...for the third year in a row. What 22-year-old guy doesn't watch the superbowl?

Maybe I'll slow down a bit and work a little less hard. I think the most imporant thing to learn while you're in school is when you need to work hard and, perhaps more importantly, when you don't. Right now, unfortunately, I do, because the exam is in 17 hours. (Students typically use hours to describe lenghts of time because of the vague distinction between  night and day while studying). That's what I am, right? A student? I think I've forgotten how to live like one.

Alright so I'll study hard this year during the superbowl...but next year...who knows, maybe I'll learn how to be 23 by then...

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  1. Haha aww mikey! Don't worry, I was studying too. . . And I'm only 20, you would think I would be all in to the drinking till I drop, yelling at a TV screen, and eating until my tummy explodes. . But no, I'm a first year, 20 year old, university student you is slowly growing up (believe it or not) and thinks that school is more important than drinking or partying. wow what is coming to this world. . Stupid school, this is your fault!