Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry Justin Bieber fans...the grammy's are still all about musical talent

Dear Angry Justin Bieber fans everywhere:

I for one am glad that Esperanza Spalding won the award for Best New Artist, instead of Justin Bieber.

Firstly, this shows that the academy maintains it's integrity and does not vote for individual musicians (or in Justin Bieber's case, performers) on the basis of their overall popularity. I trust that the academy has recognized that Esperanza Spalding possesses significant talent to be worthy of the award (if you're not convinced, visit her website below). Yes, Justin Bieber is more popular, but this does not mean that he is more a talented musician- contrary to popular belief, hoards of pre-teen girls wanting to cut and frame a loch of a star's hair does not speak to that individual's skill level. In fact, if popularity were the sole criteria, the Beatles' only competition would be Elvis Presley for most of the awards.

Secondly, I am glad that the academy apparently does not care how much media attention one gets throughout the year. Yes, Justin Bieber has received more media coverage, mostly because of his age, but the media (and his fans alike) do not get to vote for him- the Academy does, and they do so objectively.

Thirdly, I am glad to see someone win Best New Artist when that person composes music other than bubble-gum pop. This is truly a lesson for those interested in composing music- if you want to make money, but sound like everyone else on the Top 40 then enter the pop-world- if you are not concerned about money but would rather be valued and evaluated on the basis of your talent as a musician then do anything else but pop.

Finally, Jazz is a type of music that does not die. Pop, on the other hand, does. 10 years from now people will still be happy to own Jazz music...they'll just make sure that it rests in front of the dusty Justin Bieber album.




  1. The Bear agrees with you. I'm not sure if Virgin would have!

  2. Sorry, I have to strongly disagree! Until the night of the awards I had never even heard of this jazz singer and I wasn't the only one! The next day on "The Talk" show most agreed that they didn't know who she was or even knew how to say her name! I thought, "oh good, I'm not the only one!" I did follow your link to listen to her and have to say that I wasn't that impressed with anything I heard, just sounded like regular jazz music to me! I was hoping to hear what all the hoopla was about with her...didn't.

    This weekend I went to see Justin Bieber's new movie "Never Say Never". I have to say that I do like his music and think he's an adorable kid. After having seen his movie though, oh my god, I have so much more respect for this sixteen year old musician, yes, musician! He is self taught playing drums, guitar, piano, dance and singing since he was two years old! I think that he is not only one of the best talents to come out of Canada but possibly the next person to reach the same heights as Elvis Presley! I know, crazy eh?!

    Justin has the manners of a true gentleman. He has a deep love and respect for his family, as well as his friends and management team. His mother and manager go out into the city before every concert and gives tickets to people who couldn't get tickets to his concert. Justin also visits hospitals and helps charities.

    For a kid who grew up with a single mom living just under the poverty line, who is self taught because they couldn't afford classes or training, I say, "Justin Bieber....you've got my vote!" His mother must be so proud!

  3. Glad to see some different opinions on the issue- either way the decision was a shocker- I figured the kid had it in the bag.

    Since arguments with Mom either end with 1) losing and/or 2) grounding...I shall abdicate! (even 700 kms away!)

    Thanks for the comment!