Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quite the day

The following is my life in 250 words.

Well it's been quite the day.

I began by tutoring organic chemistry this morning from around 10-noon. I studied for about an hour and then walked down the canal to begin my shift at 2. What a shift it was!

A spinal injury, a couple of broken wrists, bruised knees, a broken leg, and of the course all of the regular bumps, scrapes and skate-blisters. Oh about 50 lost kids too...there are just so many people on the ice that parents can't even see 10 feet ahead of them.

I work the same shift again tomorrow, so we'll see which is busier- a saturday or a sunday.

I got home around 8 and ate dinner (I made pizza...looks like working at Amici's was actually good for something!) and I've been studying ever since.

Now time for bed.

Quite the day, and what a life!


  1. Speaking of Amici's, we were talking to Duchy tonight - he says hi.

  2. OO spinal injury!!! what kind? what vertebra? Nerve damage? Numbness? Tingling? Paralysis? (well prob not paralysis, but still gotta ask.)

  3. Woostie...what did I say about growing up!


  4. Yes I would love a job!!!! and mikey I'm not growing up, just retaining more knowledge :P I'm still a kid at heart. . .