Monday, January 24, 2011

We all do it...

You're sitting at home watching television or reading the paper, when all of sudden the light starts to hurt your eyes. You compensate by tilting your head down or squinting, but eventually your neck gets sore and you eyes get dry. You give in. You have a headache.

Most of us will deny it at first. "Oh I'm probably just hungry. Or maybe I'm thirsty- ya that's it!" Good call, because the majority of headaches are actually caused by dehydration. Unfortunately, by the time you feel the headache it's already too late to just drink some water and be done with it.

SO when the denials and quick fixes don't work we reach for the meds. Ah, yes...the meds. You know which ones I'm talking about- tylenol, advil, aspirin, excedrin, etc. You run to the medicine cabinet to rid yourself of this unnecessary pain. But...uh're all out!

Now. You're at the pharmacy and your head hurts so bad that you just grab the first pain medication that you can reach for (or if you read my post on coke vs pepsi...maybe you choose the one that's on sale?).

WHOA! Hold it right there buster. How do you know what you're buying? Do you even know what that 'drug' is? Any idea who made it, or where it comes from? And why is it that price, why not $1, or why not $100?

We are fortunate in Canada to have such a good lot release system. A lot release is the system used by the national regulatory authority (a sub-branch of Heath Canada in our case) to ensure that the lot (or 'batch) of the drug meets all of the in-process controls and final product testing.

The next time you reach for something from the shelf of your local pharmacy, consider the work that was undertaken to ensure that the product is safe, effective, and reliable. Of course this doesn't apply to 'natural' remedies, which is precisely why their efficacy cannot be evaluated (if it was, they likely wouldn't make any money at all).



  1. It's a real effect- it works, no joke.

    The question is, do some natural health products improve health status beyond that of the normal placebo effect. Alright...12:23, no more epi for me!